ReversE Original Sound Track – Available for purchase on BandCamp

The soundtrack to ReversE is now available on BandCamp at this address to be bought and downloaded for 69p or you can pay more if you really like it! All of the tracks are in .Wav 32bit lossless format.

There are 13 tracks on the the ReversE OST:

1.  Incomprehensible Patterns 02:55
Emptiness 03:12

The total playtime is 51:47


ReversE ReversEBack


ReversE Released for download

ReversE version 1.0.0 is complete and is available to buy through my website. this is the buying link for ReversE

There is a Windows and Mac version available for download for the nominal sum of 69p and the game is completely DRM free! 

If you download the game and have any issues or problems with buying, playing the game or anything else get in touch at or send me a tweet @alloydgd

Donate Buttons!

I have put some donate buttons up on my main sites one on this WordPress blog, one on the ReversE page and one on my personal website page. If you like the work I am producing and want to help me along a bit with my development and acquisition of licenses such as Unity Pro for android developing, then all donations would be gratefully received! At the moment I only have PayPal as my method for acceptance for now.

ReversE development progress is coming on very well, I should be able to publish within the week to Desura, and I will be exploring a DRM free option which allows you to make a purchase through my personal website! 

ReversE changes and updates 3/12/2012

Made a huge stack of changes to the game since my last update! Some of these have been

– Adding a drop shadow to player feedback text

– Adding sounds and polishing levels 1-13

-Creating levels 28-35 to a playable and completable state

– Re-Jigging of the options menu within the game so you can now change character skins when they unlock

– Split Sound, Player Customization and Game Stats into their own function menus

– Added scripts to the players which recognize the new player skins

-Tweaked a few puzzles for polishing, a few errors with collision areas in

Current to do list

  • Need to add Sound effects manager to the levels past level 13 for the game
  • Must add UI sounds inside the levels in the game
  • Will attempt to re-integrate the menu sounds I had for the level select menu
  • Need to create 8 more tracks for the game – inspiration there just need more time in the day!
  • Need to create 33+ all bonus player skins to unlock, may also include user submissions so if you have any please send them this way!
  • A lot of polishing, play-testing and code efficiency checks need to be made in a 46 hour burn period in the game
  • Need to check compatibility with Windows XP as problems have been noted with XP OS
  • Need to tweak UI within the game menus, some texts are too big/small for the buttons, some of the GUI moves around on screen resizing too much
  • Need to fix annoying music tab out bug, may investigate pausing game entirely if tabbed out, although need to do research on this one

If there are any more fixes needed after this, they will come in the form of content patches post release. The game will be shipping in the best possible state of polish it can get as I will work my socks off from now until submission date which I am officially hoping to be December 14th to Desura.

Below I will post a video that I have uploaded showing the changes and additions to the player skins and should give you a rough idea of where the game is at!


There is also a Mac OSX demo of the game now too on the IndieDB page

If you enjoy my game please vote for me on IndieDB of the year,(should be a red button at the top of the page) and leave some feedback for me as well if you have any! Will post another update quite soon! Stay tuned!

Submitted Windows version of ReversE to indie DB – Awaiting Authorization

Thought I would write a quick update seeing as its the small hours of the morning and I am still running on high energy! I submitted the first Demo build that I targeted for release today to IndieDB and now I am just waiting for the authorization process to tick over! In the mean time here is the page link Keep spamming that refresh button! 😀

ReversE on IndieDB

I have officially posted the information for ReversE up onto IndieDB now so the game can reach a wider audience before the launch which is TBD but should be very soon. The link to IndieDB page is 

Please check it out and if you like it spread the message around to your friends and friends of friends if possible! 

I have made several updates to the game in the last few days including once again overhauling the UI slightly, so now it is sleeker and does the job more efficiently, Changed the order of how the main menu > game works so the Menus are all in one level and the games are in their own contained levels. I’ve also completed a few more new levels in the game and added the Spike traps in fully with code. They only require some sound now. 

I have also been very busy creating an OST for the game for accompaniment. Not everyone is going to be as fussed about breaking times in the game to complete levels so for a player who fancies more of a chillout and roll around in the game, I have aimed to compose some ambient/electronic pieces for the game. I am currently housing the OST for the game on my Soundcloud page ReversE set

I have 27 levels currently completed and in a playable state, I am aiming to have around 35 for release (need to pull my finger out and crunch!) and also have a few updates in the pipeline post release as well. There will definitely be some more free content made for the game once released I can confirm that!