Indie Game Magazine – Lets Try ReversE Video

Indie Game Magazine has created a lets try video of ReversE. The video features the first few levels of the game and a mini-review of it in action!


Well… its my Birthday today….ReversE Giveaway for 24 Hours!!!

December 17th is my Birthday. Usually a time when people gift me presents for the achievement of gaining another level of old! However this year I have decided to give back! For the next 24 hours ReversE will be free to download for Windows, MacOSX and Linux! Birthdays are usually (supposedly) a day of happiness and joy! Well today I want to spread that joy with you all by delivering you what I hope will be a fantastic gift and something very special!

The Giveaway has now ended! Thank you so much to everyone who checked it out, for all the support I received in the last 24 hours and for being amazingly awesome!

ReversE Original Sound Track – Available for purchase on BandCamp

The soundtrack to ReversE is now available on BandCamp at this address to be bought and downloaded for 69p or you can pay more if you really like it! All of the tracks are in .Wav 32bit lossless format.

There are 13 tracks on the the ReversE OST:

1.  Incomprehensible Patterns 02:55
Emptiness 03:12

The total playtime is 51:47


ReversE ReversEBack

ReversE changes and updates 3/12/2012

Made a huge stack of changes to the game since my last update! Some of these have been

– Adding a drop shadow to player feedback text

– Adding sounds and polishing levels 1-13

-Creating levels 28-35 to a playable and completable state

– Re-Jigging of the options menu within the game so you can now change character skins when they unlock

– Split Sound, Player Customization and Game Stats into their own function menus

– Added scripts to the players which recognize the new player skins

-Tweaked a few puzzles for polishing, a few errors with collision areas in

Current to do list

  • Need to add Sound effects manager to the levels past level 13 for the game
  • Must add UI sounds inside the levels in the game
  • Will attempt to re-integrate the menu sounds I had for the level select menu
  • Need to create 8 more tracks for the game – inspiration there just need more time in the day!
  • Need to create 33+ all bonus player skins to unlock, may also include user submissions so if you have any please send them this way!
  • A lot of polishing, play-testing and code efficiency checks need to be made in a 46 hour burn period in the game
  • Need to check compatibility with Windows XP as problems have been noted with XP OS
  • Need to tweak UI within the game menus, some texts are too big/small for the buttons, some of the GUI moves around on screen resizing too much
  • Need to fix annoying music tab out bug, may investigate pausing game entirely if tabbed out, although need to do research on this one

If there are any more fixes needed after this, they will come in the form of content patches post release. The game will be shipping in the best possible state of polish it can get as I will work my socks off from now until submission date which I am officially hoping to be December 14th to Desura.

Below I will post a video that I have uploaded showing the changes and additions to the player skins and should give you a rough idea of where the game is at!


There is also a Mac OSX demo of the game now too on the IndieDB page

If you enjoy my game please vote for me on IndieDB of the year,(should be a red button at the top of the page) and leave some feedback for me as well if you have any! Will post another update quite soon! Stay tuned!

Submitted Windows version of ReversE to indie DB – Awaiting Authorization

Thought I would write a quick update seeing as its the small hours of the morning and I am still running on high energy! I submitted the first Demo build that I targeted for release today to IndieDB and now I am just waiting for the authorization process to tick over! In the mean time here is the page link Keep spamming that refresh button! 😀

Reverse Progress – Time Keeping, Saving and Loading Best Times and Level Additions

Since the last update to ReversE I have made more changes to the player mechanics, and will continue to do until I am fully satisfied with them. The main additions over the last few weeks have been:

Addition of a Joystick control for android/touch devices

Addition of a timer to indicate how long it takes you to do a level – this will save and is reloaded on level using PlayerPrefs

Tweaks to the player controller to fall in line with the android joystick change

Addition of a few more levels

Darkness mechanic, an idea I would like to try out mid-way through the game, inspired somewhat by the temple levels on Crash Bandicoot 3.

I will post a few screenshots of my progress down below.

I am having a weird co-occurrence on my main pc when it comes to using PlayerPrefs. When trying to save to the registry I am finding that I can only save and re-read string and integer data fine. When I try to save float data into the registry the return value is “Invalid DWORD 32 bit value” I am possibly thinking this is an error relating to x64 bit machines as I am running Windows 7 64 bit. If anyone else has any idea how to combat this and negate this effect I would love to hear. (The build works okay on Mac and Webplayer so the prefs save fine in there!)


That is my progress for now, the game is almost at a Beta acceptable stage so shortly (next few weeks) there will be a playable demo out there. Soon I will start to consider my routes for distributing the game. I have looked at a fair few options including, Kongregate, Google play store, Desura, IndieDB, Steam Greenlight. If anyone has any suggestions or would request it to be on a certain platform please get in touch!

Still working away 2am!


Just thought I would drop a little progress update of what I am working on in here. Firstly I progressed to around tutorial 234 of the BurgZerg series and learnt a vast amount from it. Got to making particle effects and sprites and 2D textures and animated 2D textures. I could do with finding out how to use and make animated sprite sheets!

I worked a little bit on a few basic XNA tutorials which I will with some luck get around to finishing soon, But I have also been working on ReversE. I had shelved it for a while, simply due to needing to move to c# and start learning better practises for programming patterns and refactoring code. Basically the jist of what I have learnt over the past few weeks has been literally C# from the ground floor up. Also the principle with game code you want to take something that feels like a chore to do, In my case I was copy pasting the same script over and over again to get an object that collides with a switch to play an animation. In fact now I understand how to factor this into a multi purpose script that can do the same thing over and over and it can be one universal script which can work for multiple user defined parameters. It can also probably be taken a step further to a global animation manager as the base class and then have the entities I.E treasure chest/switch/door do the rest and just call AnimationManager.Function(); !! So after working at it a long time its finally sticking!

Also back to the ReversE game. It is still essentially the same idea as before but now more efficient and with a few new elements I have mulled over! The description I am now giving it is:
a point A to B mirror logic puzzler   –    Short and snappy!

Of course the obligatory screenshot!

As you will notice something not quite right has happened there (blue and red ball should be in opposite place) I will fix this though by release I promise! 🙂

I also would like to start dropping generic code samples on here and possibly make some short rough tutorial guides, as I am a relative noobie to the C# coding scene / hardcore game coding. I am looking at tutorials all the time and I am piecing these solutions together from slightly different problems. So I may attempt to try and make a generalized solution for these problems in the form of short code snippets with a little explanation. May even try a short video just going through the code and provide it as source on here. Would be helpful for me to go over it just as much as it would be for other people. Anyway I need to go to bed now and resume work tomorrow!

Signing off for now!