Well… its my Birthday today….ReversE Giveaway for 24 Hours!!!

December 17th is my Birthday. Usually a time when people gift me presents for the achievement of gaining another level of old! However this year I have decided to give back! For the next 24 hours ReversE will be free to download for Windows, MacOSX and Linux! Birthdays are usually (supposedly) a day of happiness and joy! Well today I want to spread that joy with you all by delivering you what I hope will be a fantastic gift and something very special!

The Giveaway has now ended! Thank you so much to everyone who checked it out, for all the support IĀ receivedĀ in the last 24 hours and for being amazingly awesome!


Summer, Time off and Results!

After a lengthy period of time after my last update, the SoundScape game was exhibitioned at Creative Spark on June 1st, to which it met some positive feedback. I have recieved a first class honours from my degree which is fantastic and a testament to the hard work I put into it this year! I am currently on the hunt for a job but in the mean time am in the planning stages of new projects as well as assessing where SoundScape took me and seeing what move or potential expansion I can do to it. I plan to use some of the findings from it to work on a new project in the interim while I am jobless! I am also planning a fair few foley projects to add to my portfolio in my quest to gain some type of employment or to showcase my talent! I will be making updates to the site in dribs and drabs as this is a very turbulent period!