GameCityNights Nottingham Wrap-up – Post-Event Notice

GameCityNights Nottingham was a blast! It was a real buzz being able to get out to a venue and showcase ReversE to a ton of fantastic developers and aspiring developers too ūüôā The game was met with really positive feedback, with some improvement points suggested for the UI, Possible theming and grouping of levels, an easier build up into the game, and possibly more visual hints. Altogether the reviews have been positive so far and the fun game play is definitely there! This gives me the inspiration to continue to polish ReversE even further in the next few months!¬†

The piece from Edge online is located here¬†¬†ReversE gets a mention! ūüôā

Additionally Oh the things and Indie Game Magazine did reviews of ReversE too!

Oh The Things

Indie Game Magazine Lets play ReversE


ReversE on tour! – GameCityNights Nottingham

It has just been confirmed GameCityNights Nottingham has given me the go ahead to come and showcase ReversE! The exhibition features talks from Maxis about SimCity, Cryteks Michael Barclay who will be talking about level design in CryEngine 3 and many other indie devs and designers bringing along fun games!

Tickets are sold in advance here

The event is being held in Nottingham UK at Antenna

For more information please check out the¬†Facebook Event¬†and if any of you do come feel free to say hi and try and smash some of the existing times on ReversE! You never know you might win a copy ūüėõ¬†

Hope to see some of you there!


My friends at E+ games have kindly built Unity functionality into their website and published ReversE as a web game. Please go check it out, sign up and give them some love. Incredible people.

Also for 2013 I am working on several projects and titles at the minute. Including Karmageddon Khaos for which I am providing sound design and audio. 

Rogue Republic which I am (slowly) but surely working to mod and create armies in 0 A.D. engine for

Mahoo Space Shooter Which I will be composing for.

Also over the Christmas/New Year period I contributed my take onto by contributing my own interactive idea to a collage aimed at promoting the indie devs within the group. My contribution was the Indie Game Developers Slide Puzzle РPlay Slide Puzzle here

I am hoping 2013 will be one of the biggest years yet for me. My aim is to keep delivering new, fresh, unique and experimental concepts. This will be possible with two projects of my own currently under wraps but in the early stages of development. Keep an eye out here for more news and for the most up to date news Join the Andrew Lloyd Game Design Facebook group.