Reverse Progress – Time Keeping, Saving and Loading Best Times and Level Additions

Since the last update to ReversE I have made more changes to the player mechanics, and will continue to do until I am fully satisfied with them. The main additions over the last few weeks have been:

Addition of a Joystick control for android/touch devices

Addition of a timer to indicate how long it takes you to do a level – this will save and is reloaded on level using PlayerPrefs

Tweaks to the player controller to fall in line with the android joystick change

Addition of a few more levels

Darkness mechanic, an idea I would like to try out mid-way through the game, inspired somewhat by the temple levels on Crash Bandicoot 3.

I will post a few screenshots of my progress down below.

I am having a weird co-occurrence on my main pc when it comes to using PlayerPrefs. When trying to save to the registry I am finding that I can only save and re-read string and integer data fine. When I try to save float data into the registry the return value is “Invalid DWORD 32 bit value” I am possibly thinking this is an error relating to x64 bit machines as I am running Windows 7 64 bit. If anyone else has any idea how to combat this and negate this effect I would love to hear. (The build works okay on Mac and Webplayer so the prefs save fine in there!)


That is my progress for now, the game is almost at a Beta acceptable stage so shortly (next few weeks) there will be a playable demo out there. Soon I will start to consider my routes for distributing the game. I have looked at a fair few options including, Kongregate, Google play store, Desura, IndieDB, Steam Greenlight. If anyone has any suggestions or would request it to be on a certain platform please get in touch!


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