Submitted Windows version of ReversE to indie DB – Awaiting Authorization

Thought I would write a quick update seeing as its the small hours of the morning and I am still running on high energy! I submitted the first Demo build that I targeted for release today to IndieDB and now I am just waiting for the authorization process to tick over! In the mean time here is the page link¬† Keep spamming that refresh button! ūüėÄ


ReversE on IndieDB

I have officially posted the information for ReversE up onto IndieDB now so the game can reach a wider audience before the launch which is TBD but should be very soon. The link to IndieDB page is 

Please check it out and if you like it spread the message around to your friends and friends of friends if possible! 

I have made several updates to the game in the last few days including once again overhauling the UI slightly, so now it is sleeker and does the job more efficiently, Changed the order of how the main menu > game works so the Menus are all in one level and the games are in their own contained levels. I’ve also completed a few more new levels in the game and added the Spike traps in fully with code. They only require some sound now.¬†

I have also been very busy creating an OST for the game for accompaniment. Not everyone is going to be as fussed about breaking times in the game to complete levels so for a player who fancies more of a chillout and roll around in the game, I have aimed to compose some ambient/electronic pieces for the game. I am currently housing the OST for the game on my Soundcloud page ReversE set

I have 27 levels currently completed and in a playable state, I am aiming to have around 35 for release (need to pull my finger out and crunch!) and also have a few updates in the pipeline post release as well. There will definitely be some more free content made for the game once released I can confirm that!

Reverse Progress – Time Keeping, Saving and Loading Best Times and Level Additions

Since the last update to ReversE I have made more changes to the player mechanics, and will continue to do until I am fully satisfied with them. The main additions over the last few weeks have been:

Addition of a Joystick control for android/touch devices

Addition of a timer to indicate how long it takes you to do a level – this will save and is reloaded on level using PlayerPrefs

Tweaks to the player controller to fall in line with the android joystick change

Addition of a few more levels

Darkness mechanic, an idea I would like to try out mid-way through the game, inspired somewhat by the temple levels on Crash Bandicoot 3.

I will post a few screenshots of my progress down below.

I am having a weird¬†co-occurrence¬†on my main pc when it comes to using PlayerPrefs. When trying to save to the registry I am finding that I can only save and re-read string and integer data fine. When I try to save float data into the registry the return value is “Invalid DWORD 32 bit value” I am possibly thinking this is an error relating to x64 bit machines as I am running Windows 7 64 bit. If anyone else has any idea how to combat this and negate this effect I would love to hear. (The build works okay on Mac and Webplayer so the prefs save fine in there!)


That is my progress for now, the game is almost at a Beta acceptable stage so shortly (next few weeks) there will be a playable demo out there. Soon I will start to consider my routes for distributing the game. I have looked at a fair few options including, Kongregate, Google play store, Desura, IndieDB, Steam Greenlight. If anyone has any suggestions or would request it to be on a certain platform please get in touch!

Migrating to WordPress!

I have decided for ease of editing and use for myself to Migrate all of the content off my devblog located at and to make a WordPress, as the blog editor on my current host is sub-standard, editing is very finicky for pictures, text etc and I would prefer to have it managed extrernaly by WordPress. I will eventually (hopefully) be deleting that blog page and re-creating it to host the changes I do to it on here to save me time and stress not to mention make it easier to link everything up with Twitter and Linkedin. I will be posting some more progress on the ReversE game on here very soon.