ReversE Development Progress

Just a quick status update on the ReversE project I am currently working on. So far I have created 16 playable levels at the minute ranging from very easy to insanely tricky. Some of the features I have managed to implement over the last few weeks are as follows: (with screenshots!)

Level Select Menu

Not pretty but it is functional, only displays clickable buttons for the level that you last started (using playerprefs currently) and displays locked levels as labels. No styles applied at the minute but working! Hurrah!

Turnstyles and Multi Purpose Switches


Ability to reset physics puzzle objects

Other Features Added/Changed:

Tweaked the switch scripts to remove null reference exception errors
Changed wall heights to combat the acceleration putting player/objects out of bounds
Added ceilings to the levels to combat player objects and physics objects from leaving the scene
Modelled and animated turnstyles and imported to game
Added teleporters as a prefab and usable gameobject via script and particle manager
Re-vamped the player controls script

Features to implement:

Sounds for all actions
Music and ambience
Main menu
Game menu with return to menu button
Game options and preferences
UI themes and design

I also aim to have anywhere between 50-100 levels for the end product. I may possibly break the levels into Easy, Intermediate and advanced difficulty per section. I also have ideas for new game mechanics to be introduced and a tonne of puzzles yet to build!


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