Burgzerg Arcade Hack n’ Slash RPG tutorial Pt 4

In the next part of the tutorials since the update there has been a reworking of the targeting and mob system as well as being able to create and save character data in the registry using a web build. I have made a playable demo demonstrating how all of the features I have learnt so far come together to make the basic gameplay experience. Play the demo here

The demo allows you to create a character by assigning skill points and entering a name for the character, then loads up the tutorial level which so far is a terrain populated with lootable chests. You can loot a weapon from the chest which are represented by the icon and you can equip and unequip the types of weapon so far (morningstar, spear, sword.) The demo also contains a mob that can chase you until you move out of range, then it runs back to the spawn point. The day/night cycle currently works with the sun rising and setting in the sky. Opening and closing the inventory and character menus can be done with the i key or inventory toggle and c key for character toggle, you can also toggle autorun on or off by pressing left shift.

In the following tutorials after this one, there is a focus on re-building the game, optimizing some of the features included in this demo and obviously expanding and implementing more content. I posted this version of a build so far to interactively sum up what I have progressed through and learnt so far.  Coming up will be a look at character customizations.


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