Burgzerg Arcade Hack n’ Slash RPG tutorial Pt 3

Since the last post I have been working frantically on the tutorials over at BergZerg arcade, I have been progressing quite steadily through it and a lot of the basic concepts are clicking now. The coding concepts are slowly coming to me with the general structure and syntax within c# which is definitely a plus! So the philosophy of if you do something enough you will start to get good at it seems to be working! I am feeling a bit more confident in terms of debugging and changing the script around but still having problems with braces so this is an area to look at!

A lof of features have been added and implemented since my last post: I will list them down here in a list:

Day/Night Cycle
Player movement controls redo – got rid of third person camera and added a custom AdvancedMovement script
Bandit Area Added with new assets from unity store
New Player Character – Viking model from unity3d
New mobs – Bandit Bootlegger added with animations
Animations – added to the basic slug
AI – Enemies now chase you around following you and return to a spawn point once your out of aggro radius
Toggleable Sprint/Walk button

That recaps most of the main features added through code changes and optimizations. I will drop a few screenshots below of the WIP!

Bandit looter mob (reskinned player character…poorly!) Placeholder But functional!

Bandit Returning to camp after I move out of his aggro radius

Part of the Day/Night Cycle – a red sun rises and sets in the sky, the skyboxes blend dependent on how long the game has been running for in a cycle. Currently counts upto 30 seconds to cycle to a night then counts back down to 0 (60 seconds) to loop round to daytime again.

A view of the night sky and the starter town and bandit camp

My new player character (replacing the constructor) opening a badly modelled and animated chest. Currently still working on looting so far it opens and closes. The modelling excersize taught me how to export models from 3DS max to FBX and how to get multiple animations on an object working. The “chest” has an open and close animation.

So far in the tutorial series I have learnt a lot of how to use c# code and how best to implement certain mechanics needed in the game. I have also been having a look at the modelling/texturing/animation side briefly as parts of the tutorial have required textured and animated models. I plan to try and use as many premade assets as I can get hold of off sites such as TurboSquid during the learning process for c# but I also plan to find tutorials for modelling, texturing and animation so I can replace these assets over time and add them to my portfolio.  I have also found a couple of awesome Java tutorials from TheCherno on YouTube so I think I will start following them when I eventually get as far as I can with the hack n’ slash series. All in all the coding skills I am picking up here will eventually serve me well and allready things that I struggled to grasp before are falling into place thanks to Petey’s Hack n’ Slash tutorial. So I am very greatful to him for putting up all the content to follow along to!


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