Burgzerg Arcade Hack n’ Slash RPG tutorial Pt 2 – Progress

Over the last couple of days I have been progressing nicely with few hiccups on the Burgzerg Arcade series of tutorials about making a small hack n’ slash game within unity and using C# scripts to create all the classes associated with characters, items, damage and finite state machines for the spawning.

Since the last post I have been able to create a terrain, trees, water for the character to play on and even a small town using models downloaded royalty free from TurboSquid.com. For now I am using downloaded assets to save time so I can progress with my core objective of learning and understanding the code but eventually I plan to learn how to model and create these assets from scratch.

The lack of my own 3D modelling and animating skills has also proved to be a little stumbling block in terms of the character/weapons + customization as currently the turorial series is focusing on using a provided model from a user on BergZerg arcade however I found when I tried to use and import the model the legs were bowed backwards on it which obviously isnt a lot of use. I took advice given on the site to use the default Constructor model that is provided with however he isnt set up for attack animations and his idle animation also causes the weapon and shield I have now provided him to clip as the original prop he was holding was a crowbar! I am unsure whether you can animate a new anim using the IK structure provided on the model within Unity so I will have to research and possibly test this at some point.

Also as I mentioned above I worked on the construction of the world, building placement and import which I would like to redo through my own 3D modelling and obviously make the world look better. I need to replace them with better assets but I am literally just using test assets for whiteboxing purposes for the tutorials for now as my focus is on the C# scripts. I have also re-edited the targetting system for the enemies including placing names above their head in accordance with the tutorials. Below are some pictures of what i have so far.

Close up of character in town

Game view of the character and his health bar running towards the screen

Overhead view of the level 1 map small town area near the lake – needs more work!


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