BurgZerg arcade Hack n’ Slash tutorial – Grand Undertaking!

I have decided to further my knowledge and experience in Unity3D and C# by attempting the grand undertaking of a wonderful tutorial from Bergzerg Arcade which focuses on developing all the basic elements to make a Hack N Slash game within Unity. I have so far got up to tutorial 28 of the ever growing 280+ tutorial series which has so far covered making a simple playing space with a player character, being able to target and melee enemies and vice versa and the beginnings of building a skill system in C#. I have just advanced onto a part of the tutorial where the players stats are being saved and stored inside a registry value ready to be re-loaded when the functionality is added! I had massive problems with the skill system initially but after a patient session of debugging found the problem to be an out of place brace! Typical! *rolls eyes* Anyway heres screenshots and I will post a link to the awesome tutorial below.

Working Saveable Stats to Registry!

My fairly bad (but working) UI using UI skins and the basestat class for stats and modifiers

Targeting system and health bars with UI

Link to BurgZerg Arcade Tutorial Series


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