Unity C# Tutorial: Space Blast

Yesterday I worked on a C# tutorial for Unity provided by Matthew Campbell. link

The idea behind the tutorial was to program some basic mechanics and look at some basic elements within Unity3D to make a very simple mouse controlled shooting game. I managed to successfully complete the tutorial and the results can be seen here

I felt I implemented the basic elements such as being able to navigate with a mouse, using the force blast and understanding how force can be added to the enemies to create that effect. I also had my first dabble with particles which was one of the more frustrating parts as the tutorial covered the old elipsoid method and I was using the new Shuriken particle system on Unity so I had a little trouble implementing the particle system as they were being created but not deleted and I also had to put a particle system off camera in order for it to work. The program would not let me use the tutorial code in conjunction with anything that wasnt a particle emitter and when I modified the code to use ParticleSystem I got an error about the program trying to run particle systems.

All in all I feel it was a worthwhile exercise as it taught me more about C# as its really the first time I have used it to make a game as all my other projects have been in JavaScript.  I felt the game could be improved by adding a consequence for hitting 0 lives, adding a leaderboard, improving the graphics, adding a skybox or backdrop, making the particle effects better and making the control system smoother.

I will continue to do more tutorials and post the outcomes here. Remeber you can follow me on twitter at @alloydgd to keep up to date with the latest developments!


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