Dawn of War Maps

I have been working on a series of multiplayer skirmish maps for Dawn of War: Soulstorm. The maps I have created so far have all been for 4 v 4 game type and I have been working with the idea of grouping all four players together as opposed to spreading them out as many of the typical Dawn of War maps are by default. Below I will list the map names and screenshots:

House of Pain:

This map was based a little off jungle walls except for leaving a gap in the middle so allies can distribute troops across the map to aid other allies.

The Pit

I decided to have a go at making a 8 player resource heavy map similar to mortalis. I used 512 x 512 for the map size and players have plenty of room to build as well as many opportunities for building a forward base.
I have also made a v2 of this map with less resource points in as AI tend to pick them up very fast and overwhelm you.


I decided to take the idea of the existing map Thargorum a 6 player Z shape map and make it 8 player. There is a strategic battle in the middle of the map for the two relics not to mention manuvorability for strategies such as turret farming in the middle of the map to push an advantage. Eldar players would also be able to make use of webway gates to push a stealthy assault into the back of enemy bases. The map offers a perfect balance of a bottleneck to defend and many options for assault.


Highlands is a map designed around the principle of having a bridge to attack over or defend from. Usually you can bottleneck the enemy at the adjacent island either side of the bridge with turrets or highly reinforced units. Based somewhat around Bloodshed Alley in the existing maps the idea of including a narrower lane to channel armies and fire down serves to cook up some exciting battles with fast and furious action.


I created lanes because in the existing map packs I had not found a map which offered this shape of map effectively creating four 1 v 1 scenarios. Both friendly armies are either side of the map but are walled off from each other. There are options in the middle of the map to take 1 relic between four players (2 friendly, 2 enemy) as well as having a strategic point for the line of sight in the very centre. The map offers a bottleneck for every player to build turrets and defend heavily with troops. It also offers a good strategy for flying units giving a line of sight into the back of an enemy base combined with deep strike. Could also be used as a free for all map.


This map groups together 2 allied players and can be used for either a 4v4 or 2v2v2v2. The layout provides players with only one entrance and exit to their bases allowing for turtling in and the entrances are also pointed away at the furthest point from where enemies can get in allowing for extra time to prepare for attacks. There are three strategic points to take in the middle for visibility and room for flying units and jump jet infantry to hop past the bottleneck as a viable alternative to brute force attacks.

Lost World:

I made this map based on Forbidden Jungle in the existing map pack with the game. I liked the idea of seperating the armies out with a divider in this instance the raised platform with a relic on. I combined the idea of Biffys Peril with the raised relic platforms and Forbidden Jungles layout to create this map. What I didn’t like about Forbidden Jungle is that you always start next to an enemy so I decided to make one side an allied side and the other side for the opposing team. It puts the strain on the players on the outside slightly more while the two players in between the raised platforms can defend the middle ground heavily. A possible solution would be to use the raised platforms as a forward base containing a lot of turrets for defense and station some long range artillery such as broadsides, defilers on top to provide maximum defense of players on the outside. This map still needs some work done to it as flying vehicles can sometimes get stuck on the cliffsides.

I am in the process of creating more ideas and plans for future maps I intend to create and I will also provide download links for these maps when they are finished very soon. One of the biggest stumbling blocks I have found with map creation so far has been the blocking volumes and impass. Flying units such as hell talons seem to bug when they can find some way of getting past the impass and on top of it, then they cant escape that area. I am not currently sure if this is a bug with SoulStorm or the map editor currently but I am running tests with test maps to see if I can fathom the problem out. There is also work in progress on a mod currently designed to bring better game balance and to make some units more useful such as beefing up Eldars dark reapers and limiting the number of buildings for Dark Eldar as the AI has a tendency to spam Dark Eldar buildings and can sometimes win the game by outbuilding you as fast as you kill them!

More Updates will follow soon!


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