Summer, Time off and Results!

After a lengthy period of time after my last update, the SoundScape game was exhibitioned at Creative Spark on June 1st, to which it met some positive feedback. I have recieved a first class honours from my degree which is fantastic and a testament to the hard work I put into it this year! I am currently on the hunt for a job but in the mean time am in the planning stages of new projects as well as assessing where SoundScape took me and seeing what move or potential expansion I can do to it. I plan to use some of the findings from it to work on a new project in the interim while I am jobless! I am also planning a fair few foley projects to add to my portfolio in my quest to gain some type of employment or to showcase my talent! I will be making updates to the site in dribs and drabs as this is a very turbulent period!