As promised a link to the animation I have been working on, Youtube clip of my animation
Been a hard long slog on it but finally have something I am not too embarrassed to show even though animation is not my strongest suit. It could do with a few tweaks on the arms and weights of his movement before eating, and needs to be lit and properly rendered out but I am almost there, after this I will continue to work on the Audio Adventure Project.


Update: Near Finished Version of Metropolis and animation progression

Here is a link to the metropolis audio-visual clip I am working on, Metropolis Youtube Clip
I have other clips in the pipeline which I will work on once the final university push is out of the way. Interestingly one of my facebook friends mentioned they have other silent reels I could possibly work on to which I would be fairly interested in sound designing! Also the animation is continuing to go well I now have animation on his face taking shape and most of the key movements blocked out so I will expect to post a WIP or near finished version on here very soon.

Presentation Bonanza and Busy Work!

Yesterday I gave a 45 minute talk to the first years on the BA media courses about my audioadventure project and it was generally met with positive feedback! I also gave a talk to them about the sound design module in year two. I felt my presentation went really well and I found it engaging and fun to present for that length of time it was a genuine feels good moment!

I also had to give an assessed presentation for my sound design module talking about the concept of my final year project (audioadventure) and talking more about the sound design behind it. I felt that presentation went very well too and I had to make a writeup for it. This is the writeup:

The feedback I got for the presentation was very positive. It was commented that my ideas were very creative and that the project was a good idea. I think that I communicated the idea very well in the allotted time as feedback generally felt positive and I didn’t need to clear too much up. Peers stated that my ideas were very good and in-depth. It was agreed my concept is potentially infinitely expandable and could be taken to surreal settings for example creating a level where the player is trapped inside a video game console.

Tutors raised a point that it was pleasing that all of my effort and creativity is invested in the project without having to conform to any parties dictating what content to make. I was asked if I had taken my idea to investors which I currently haven’t.  I believe this could be a route to go down in the future for my project. Additionally suggestions were made to form a bigger team to work on this as it could benefit the project in the long-term as opposed to taking this on solo. I think that it would be a good idea to seek funding/investment and a bigger team in the future and I would be highly interested in this future direction to ramp up content and add further aural ideas and game play elements.

A question was asked about music use to signify certain events in the game. I feel that music on the whole would be inappropriate as I am trying to convey a scene with atmospheric and dynamic sounds and music on the whole would possibly lead to audio overload and confuse a user. There isn’t really going to be a point where a player is in any trouble e.g. going into the sea as I have confined areas in my level design. I will use music in the sense of creating tension in the haunted house level so a ghostly piano will play far away as if it is deep inside part of the mansion the player will not see. Also possibly a use of a low pitch string instrument will create tension in the way films often use legato strings ascending pitch over time to build up to a tense moment in the scene.

Binaural was generally thought to be a less effective device to use within the game as opposed to conventional tracklaying for my marketplace level. I need to experiment with both methods to effectively put the player in a realistic market environment. I may use a mix of both statically recorded binaural as an audio cut-scene by removing player control and use 3D engine sounds also.

I feel that research into accessible gaming has improved my sound design both on a practical and theoretical level. My in-depth research from a multitude of sources has vastly influenced and matured my approach to sound and has dramatically improved the quality of the sonic experience I can deliver to an audience.

In addition to this I have also had to make a start on the animation project I have to do of matching an animation to sound. I have to use a rig with changeable facial features so I can convey some kind of facial animation and expression to the piece. Here is a screenshot of one of my first key poses

I am also making headway on an audio-visual piece which has to be completed by the end using footage from the movie metropolis. I currently have 3 of the 4 minutes sound designed and I need to just record more sound and finish off the track laying.

Migration from Jigsy almost complete…..!

Hello all just a quick update to explain what is going on with my portfolio site. I had a site on Jigsy a sort of blog site formerly known as viviti. Anyway to cut a long story short I decided to go professional and purchase a proper website with no host name in it for my stuff. So I have migrated all my old blog posts that needed too over from there and I will be using this site from now on. I wont shut Jigsy site down in case I have any problems with this site but I will stop using Jigsy as much or probably at all. The main content will be housed on here now so watch THIS space!

Ambience Tracks Preview for SoundScape

I have made myself a soundcloud account which I will be putting in the contact part of my site, I have started to upload some of the preparatory pieces I completed before Christmas to have a foundation and strong references of the ambiences in the levels I am making for the audioproject. These pieces will be uploaded on the portfolio page. If you want to follow them back to my soundcloud account the link for it is

Small Update – SoundScape1.3

Just a quick update managed to put a build of my game onto my android tablet to test buttons, display size, general working status on another device with a lot of success! I had an issue with the script declaring that most of my scripts were undefined and weren’t recognised by the java parser for the android tools. I fixed this by finding a solution online that indicated I needed to insert var at the beginning so going from
script = GetComponent(Artefact2SoundOn);  to
               var script = GetComponent(Artefact2SoundOn);
This is so the java parser which has apparently become more stringent since earlier builds can recognise unitys script function as a type now to cut a long story short.
I also had to code the buttons for the player movement which I got a some info on from various places around the net the best source being at which was an answer a member of the community gave about emulating keyboard keys using GUI buttons. The actual solution came as telling the GUI buttons to emulate axis inputs. So the code basically said take Horizontal and Vertical as variables, Store these return values in the variables. Then if the GUI buttons are pressed and created basically Do axis corresponding to whichever set so move the player along an axis. I had to change the order for the W key (Walk forward) as the code was executing axis 1 before the animation which was playing the animation every frame so I called the other object with the walk animation for the collider first and moved the to before the script was checking for input/existence each frame and voila working contorls!
Blurry shot of menu working on dev build
Working Dev Build Menu
So stuff to do today, Finish off level 6, Write an AI code – I MUST DO THIS! Start an asset spreadsheet of sounds needed per level. This must be completed by today/tomorrow latest as I need to get onto the sound design very soon.
Stuff to do in the immediate future: Change UI layout to be more user friendly, Add GUI skins, Add voice description of menus, Enlarge buttons in menu,