UDK Level Design Wrapup

Just posting the final wrapup after a long delay and period of busyness after I have completed my level within the UDK environment. The level turned out really well barring a few issues I had relating to scaling and custom models. These are some of the screenshots I took during the construction and post production to my level.

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The above images are just some of the fort level I made. I decided to add a dying decaying wood at the bottom with a fog height volumetric effect to break up the areas so there was a clear distinction to the player between the inside of the fort and the outside. I was going for a creepy cold and dark effect on the exterior areas.
The interiors were decorated with the vision of being a cold dark creepy old fort that a race of giants used. I decided to make the player feel insignificant in the world by making everything very big. I included two floors on the inside so the map could be open to more than one type of gameplay.
The next semester focuses on game play considerations and making this map playable so I have allready started looking at coding in an Experience system which I have managed to achieve within the last week. My next goals will be to look at bot activity and getting them to use both floors and the fort and within the dark wood I would like to get a simulated battle within the forest to add the kind of spontinuity of an RPG where NPCs will randomly battle each other in order to tell a narrative.

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