Feasibility Report Completed!

Finally finished the feasibility report for the Creative Practise Project and handed that in! Hopefully the plans go through okay and I can get the full support of audio project supervisors in order to start with the audio tutorials I need! I have been working in 3DS max a little bit to start creating assets for the video compositing work I have to do by the end of this year. I have had a refresher tutorial on video compositing looking at chroma keying and refreshing my mind on the basics inside After Effects. I have created a short fun video as a result of that entitled “Psychadellic Cat is Not Amused!” Now I need to start looking for more assets for the video project and start level designing  and drawing up questionnaires for my research for the final project.


Beginnings of the final project

I have started work on my audio game  by building a prototype in Unity I have currently learnt how to map controls, make a first person control system where the left and the right rotate and the forward controls for footsteps can be mapped to two buttons.
I have learnt from tutorials how to script and use triggers for footsteps and to activate audio cues.
I need to learn how to script simple AI that a player can interact with to take health off the enemy/player and be destroyed.
Currently the project is meeting schedule. The audio recordings will need to be planned in the coming week as well as the level design.